About us

We believe TAXIFISH will encourage people who currently don’t consider using taxis for long distance journeys to do so in future.

Increasing fuel prices have prompted increased taxi fares. In the current economic environment this makes it increasingly difficult for taxi companies to secure business, so work is spread more thinly.

The TAXIFISH concept helps generate more business for local taxi companies and not only by increasing the revenue generated during long trips. With fewer taxis committed to long distance journeys this increases the availability of local taxis able to meet local demand especially during peak periods (eg. 8-9am and 3-4pm schools runs).

TAXIFISH encourages local taxi firms to work together.
Traditionally, taxi companies operating in the same district are competing for the same business. TAXIFISH also encourages taxi companies to share work (trading one-way trips with each other turning two return trips by two companies into a single return by one). It is in everyone’s interest to work together. This in turn generates a more productive and cooperative working environment across the local taxis community.
GlobePositive Environmental Impact

TAXIFISH reduces the contribution of taxis to road congestion (especially in the vicinity of busy international airports) and reduces carbon emissions and wasted fuel from wasted journeys.

Window stickers

If you would like taxifish stickers for you car please contact us.